Black cosplay vs whiteface

Saw a black man who did a pretty good Thor cosplay. It reminded me about fans getting upset about Heimdall being played by Idris Elba since a Scandinavian deity should not be played by a black actor. (Nevermind that Thor, Odin, Loki, and others were played by Brits not Scandinavians.)

Occasionally, I will see people griping about black cosplayers “taking” white characters. As though, because the character was originally white, it should never ever be played by someone who isn’t. Marvel faced backlashes when Miles Morales got to be Spiderman as Miles wasn’t white. Or when Falcon took over as Captain America when Steve Rogers abandoned the identity.

But, can you imagine how they would lose their minds if a black cosplayer painted their face white to as part of their costume?


I created a WordPress blog to archive a Tumblr with the same name. The export-import was pretty terrible, so I wanted to start over. Deleting 11,000 a couple dozen at a time felt overly tedious. So, I deleted the whole thing. WordPress notes made it sound like that was the best option.

What I didn’t know at the time is that I could not re-register the same blog. So, now I have it under a new name and have not done anything with it because just contemplating how WordPress fucked me over is so annoying.

Now, also, I cannot find the categories in the block editor.

Why should billionaires vote?

Like Trump, [Howard Schultz] has often not bothered to vote.

That quote is about parallels between the current president and an aspiring one and looking to go beyond just the commonality that both are billionaires.

Unlike Danny Westneat at the Seattle Times, I don’t think these guys don’t vote because they think of themselves as being above the fray. I guess they don’t bother to vote because they have more powerful tools at their disposal.

  1. Name recognition: They can get a meeting with any politician at any level. The politician is going to hope to get money off the billionaire who will be played into at least promising to do something useful.
  2. Boards: They can get appointed to the committees of the sorts of bodies that make the policies on the things about which they care.

Worst Lists

End of the year brings out best of lists. They are so prolific and of such complete uselessness, I’ve been thinking maybe I should start posting worst lists.

These books were terrible, so you should avoid them.

These toys are death traps.

These board games are too complex to be any fun. Or boring to play.

I turned off these movies less than a half hour into them.


A friend of a family member moved into my old apartment complex. They didn’t ask me about it before, but they did other places and locations in general.

It is a good place for the boyfriend as it is just a couple miles to work. The girlfriend has a longer commute. Great restaurants are nearby.

I lived there 10 years. My main complaint was the leasing office. Under a couple different management companies they pretty much all sucked. Usually there was one decent person who wasn’t either incompetent or mean. All the communications about issues mentioned eviction as their ultimate threat.

Anyway, I didn’t talk about my complaints because, well, I have no idea if it remains an issue. I’ve been gone a couple years.

Non-Dairy is not Dairy-Free

Apparently, non-dairy mean less than a super low amount of dairy. It still has a little bit of dairy. So… if you are seeking to avoid dairy for say an allergy, non-dairy is not good enough. And deceptive.

Mature On Social Media

Sometimes relationships fall apart. I hate to see it happen, but I accept that it can.

I find it interesting when I have no idea that it did until either show up in a new relationship. All too often, I see social media posts where either party or both drag the other through the mud on Facebook. Those posts get deleted when they get back together. This public adjudication of their relationship disturbs me. Of course, the ones who do this are the ones who publicly proclaim their love far too much as well.