Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick

A friend’s friend is criticizing some Facebook commentary critical of political opponents. The “FoF” made a remark about being a fan of the method “speak softly and carry a large stick” (sic) instead of gloating about the removal of Confederate honoring monuments.

I found this interesting in part because the friend is a veteran. Roosevelt used this phrase as his way of not wasting too much time negotiating and bringing in the military to deal with the problems. The military is the big stick.

Pretty sure the FoF is not a fan of using the military to remove these monuments. Instead, the FoF wants the friend to just be quiet. So, really just “speak softly.”



Apparently I’ve been depressed in the wrong way. I am supposed to look at my tweets and Facebook posts to figure out who I could talk to. Strangely in that state I do not really want to to talk to anyone.

Shoot First?

Jango Fett by Bryan Ledgard

A couple inmates killed their correctional officers while being transported to another prison. They went on the run for a few days. The reward for information on these guys was ever increasing. It captured people’s attention at $60,000 and ultimately got as high as $130,000.

The male gun fanboys I know started expressing a sudden desire to become bounty hunters and track down these violent criminals. The most extreme comment on a post hoping it would get to $200,000: “Cant get shot if you shoot first. Dead or alive they say.” [1] Um… no. The reward is “for information leading to the arrest of DUBOSE and ROWE.” The GBI and FBI were not asking for people to hunt them down and kill them, just alert law enforcement to their location so they can arrest them.

In the end, the escapees broke into a home and tied up the couple. Shortly after driving off in the couple’s vehicle, the couple called 9-1-1. The sheriff was alerted that since Rowe was from a nearby county, everyone was on the lookout for them. The escapees shot at law enforcement during the chase. They crashed that car and fled on foot where in trying to steal another vehicle, the homeowner held them at gunpoint until the law enforcement could get there to arrest them.

[1] You can get shot if you shoot first.

  1. If you miss, then you have alerted the person you are shooting at about your intent and give them an opportunity to return fire.
  2. If you hit, but fail to kill or maim enough, then the person you are shooting at can return fire.

Introvert birthday

The best sounding idea to me for my birthday is time alone.

  • Go for a drive until I feel like turning around or need to get gas.
  • Take a hike in the woods.
  • Spend the day watching television and doing nothing.

A party? That sounds like something I do to be socially conscious and a good friend. Not something I particularly want done to me.

Science Friday

From 1999 to 2006, I looked forward to Friday afternoons as the WFSU would broadcast Science Friday. I stopped listening because I moved away and the local station only airs a single hour of the (2 hour) show while I am at work. Recently, I started listening to the podcast of the show.

Dunno, exactly what it is, but I no longer really enjoy it anymore.

And this makes me disappointed in myself.

Bell House

There are like a half dozen podcasts or radio programs to which I listen that mention the Bell House. All of them act like they are the only or rare people who use that venue.

I guess it being in Brooklyn, aka Hipster central, they are trying to fit in with the locals?


Tis the season for proud parents to post photos of their children having won school achievement awards.

I hate the spotlight awards put on me. Having to go on stage to accept something was the absolute worst. I was glad to skip walking in my high school graduation. I grudgingly went though walking in my college graduation. Having to do it again for a Master’s and or PhD sound terrible to me.

A boss wanted to photograph us accepting an award for a project. I got caught and had to go through with it. Shortly after, I refused going through it again to accept my plaque for working 12 years.


A Facebook friend bought her father a brick in the new baseball stadium since he is such a fan of the team. She noted:

Now he will always be a part of this ballpark…and rightfully so.

The team has been here the past 50 years, which is the longest it has been anywhere. Well, just 20 years would make that the longest.

This is their 3rd ballpark in that time. The first lasted them 30 years. The second 20. I’m going to call the next as 15.

So, that brick will be part of the park less than 20 years until it is demolished for something else.