My RSS feed reader usually has at least 500 subscriptions. I look at an average of 360 posts a day (don’t read everything). Prioritizing the subscriptions is the way I keep on top of it all.

So what do the priorities say about me? Here is the list….

  1. local news
  2. work news
  3. maintenances
  4. friends
  5. friend of friends
  6. social network beyond friend of friends
  7. photographers not in above
  8. online learning
  9. other higher education + government + legal
  10. general news
  11. science fiction
  12. science
  13. humor
  14. vendor propaganda
  15. Baha’i

These have a number in front of the category name to force the reader to order them. Lots of other categories don’t have a number. Those tend to back up quite a bit. I do cull the list from time to time, but I enjoy reading it all.


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