My Love Life Card

About a month ago, in a modified version of Apples-to-Apples, I drew the “My Love Life” card. I was torn between agreeing with the responses: Technological and Mysterious. Both uncomfortably described it far better than anyone at the table probably knew.

  • Technological: Almost all of my dating started through some form of technology: chat rooms, online games, online dating. Face-to-face only proves disastrous as my command of language evaporates.
  • Mysterious: Few people know anything about my dating. I used to blog about it to friends-only years ago. I lack that outlet anymore. Occasionally I tell one of my horror stories.

I have come to the conclusion online dating probably is not the best approach for me. Profiles seem either a resume or a job description. The most honest ones are a list of all the undesirables leaving one to wonder what deity could possible meet the standard. Too many are just a photo. If I had any clue what really would work for me, then I could write an algorithm to find her. Instead I initiate conversations that seem to stagnate sooner rather than go anywhere.

Face-to-face lets me down too. So.



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