Demise of Guys

Me and friends at a LAN party in 2005

Doing my part to exemplify the “spend too much time online” part of what Philip Zimbardo says is wrong with American men by reading about his Demise of Guys on various sites including Reddit where he did an IAmA Thursday. Maybe some ofther day I’ll work on watching excessive amounts of porn and video games. Apparently the benchmarks are more than 20 hours a week. In time spent online I usually hit half that a day.

It does give me a new answer when someone asks if I want to get married: “Sorry, my brain chemistry is too screwed up from excessive video games in my youth and excessive time online as a young adult to appreciate and want the challenge of a relationship.” But that would be a lie.

Much like we are drugging out boys over ADHD, we will eventually do the same for shyness or introversion. Why would I want to get married and have kids again?


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