Path to Mylae

I laid down my book. Hannah wanted to know what it is. I re-oriented it so she could see the cover and told her it is a Conan book of the original stories by Robert Howard. (The Conquering Sword of Conan)

She asked if sword and sorcery is what I read. I admitted that I tend to read lots of it, as one cannot read quantum mechanics all the time. She reads mysteries.

In retrospect mine was a pretty poor stated answer. I read lots of both non-fiction and fiction. With fiction it is thrillers, mysteries, and sci-fi but more fantasy. With non-fiction I am more diverse about equally physics, biology, history, biographies, prognostication. My answer could be interpreted as I just read two things.

I asked who is her favorite author. She thought about it for a while. Maybe because I am still in the mindset of interviewing people for jobs we have open, I offered a qualification: Just someone you enjoy reading. She asked could she answer with a poet. I replied that works. She named T.S. Elliot. It happens a friend of mine has a cat named T.S. Elliot Destroyer of Worlds.

She left to go to work. I went into the Kindle app on my phone and bought The Waste Land on my phone. I started reading it and ran across “You who were with me in the ships at Mylae !” I felt like I should know of Mylae, but it did not readily come, so I looked it up to go off reading about the First Punic War.

Ah, the stuff my brain suffers because of a pretty woman who talks to me.


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