EPL Women

I watch a lot of football (soccer to my fellow Americans). English Premier League (EPL), Major League Soccer, National Women’s Soccer League, Champions League, and various international team cups.

Finding out a woman watches is rare, but always entertaining. My first, best encounter was a married friend of the groom at a wedding. She is English, so she grew up watching. We talked for two hours about the just past 2002 World Cup, England’s typical collapse, how hard it was to get up at 3am to watch games. and how bad women’s games are to men’s.

A friend who I was regularly meeting for lunch just before I moved away is a huge Fulham FC fan. That and Clint Dempsey being on the team gave me a reason to watch more of those games.

A few days ago, I mentioned watching a football match over the weekend. She volunteered she use to play up until a year ago in pick up games at a local park. She stopped after tearing her ACL, a very common injury from playing. She also is a Chelsea fan. Guess this means I will watch their games much more now so I can be relevant.

I cannot think of any women I know who are big fans of MLS, La Liga, Series A, or Bundesliga teams.


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