Socially Exhausted

Waiting for four hours:

  • A toddler banged on a glass partition from the other side. I tapped back. This went on for half an hour in fits and spurts as toddlers do. He and his parents were quite entertained.
  • A woman sat next to me. We spent half an hour talking. Pretty much random things. One of those things where two people connect. If this were a movie, then I would have asked her out and in a couple weeks be married. Instead, she came back over just before leaving to shake my hand and say it was nice me meet me.
  • A girl showed up wearing a shirt I also own. (Shirt Woot’s Minor Modification) Asked if she also found people miss the scissors at the bottom.

Lunch for three hours:

  • Invitation to movies and after party.

Went home and napped for a couple hours. And just couldn’t.


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