Dating And Politics

A coworker made a comment my being single is because I try to date liberal women. If I’d date conservative women, then I’d be married by now. There are fundamental errors in reaching this conclusion:

  1. Anti-miscegenation is pretty important to some conservative women. I’m never going to be the right race. In fact, I’ve gotten some pretty nasty messages from women on complaining about my listing myself as both black and white, so I show up in their matches. Instead of just passing on me, how I identify myself was important enough to them to complain about it.
  2. By race of the women to message me or respond to my messages, black women are overwhelming more receptive for my area. Ironically enough, though conservative black women do not like that I have a white parent.
  3. I have dated a few conservative women. I’m not liberal enough, conservative enough, or even libertarian enough for someone on any of those extremes. I tend to pick and choose things from everywhere such I do not fit a single political ideology well. And nuances are important to how I think about things. Someone independent, also dealing with those nuances is a better match for me.

And really the issue is me.

  1. I have issues with relationships. It’s not for me. I have developed relationships online, but the physical face-to-face thing? It tends to fall apart there.
  2. There is one case where I was dumped. I tend to do the dumping if it goes longer than two dates. If it does not even get that far, then it is even chance either I or her are the ones who went dark.

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