Income and Online Dating

I’ve been on various sites since maybe 2003. It is safe to say my profile now is not the same as it was in the beginning. For one, I have changed. Maybe one could say even grown to understand myself better over the years.

But I also experiment. One of those areas where I play with various settings is my listed income. At times I have withheld my income for various reasons.

  • In 2003, I made a third of what I do now. I withheld my income because it was lower than average household income that I figured maybe I could get more interested women by not embarrassing myself.
  • A couple years ago, I got a promotion. I was worried about women who might only be interested in me for my income, so I removed it because I did not want a flood of interest over it.

Best I can tell, not having an income listed was not severely adverse to women’s interest in me on these sites. Nor was having what I considered a low income adverse. Having one listed as higher than average also has not caused a flood of interest. Some of the bad advice out there claims women strongly care about it.

A friend expressed concern about listing the income range. He remains skeptical of my assessment. It’s been up there for over a year and I’ve had a couple dates that went nowhere. Plus maybe five other conversations. Definitely have not encountered any “Gold Diggers.”

A bigger risk than landing one probably is someone trying to figure out who I am from the profile and committing identity theft.


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