Same Time And Place Next Week?

The other night I decided to go to one of the local taquerias for dinner. When a guy I knew in college ran it, for a couple years I was in there about every week. Then I stayed for a couple nice bartenders. About a year ago I stopped going.

This girl sat next to me at the bar. I did look at her and smiled when she pulled out the chair. It was kind of odd because there were lots of other chairs. So she chose to sit next to me.

She asked the bartender about the spiciness of the Hot Taco special. And decided to go for it despite the warning that it was the spiciest thing the bartender knew. Well, it was apparently too hot. While she waited for the bartender to ask about something else, I asked her, “So hot really is hot?” Apparently that was just the ice breaker she needed because we ended up chatting about all kinds of stuff. As she left, she asked “Same time and place next week?”

UPDATE: So I made sure to put on my calendar to go. I went. She was not there. I had strong doubts she show. Maybe it was facetious. Maybe she changed her mind. Anyway, I probably would have found it extremely strange for her to show.


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