Top 10 cities for singles

Where I live made’s list for top 10 city for singles. A friend posted on Facebook asking if her single friends agree.

In the near decade I have live here, a relationship has never worked out for me. Heck, I’ve never managed to get more than two dates with any women while living here. In the eight years I lived in Livability’s demographic in the prior place, I sort of had a girlfriend and manage to date one woman for five dates.

I was the first person to respond to the post, that comparing the two cities I know, that yes this one is better by the metrics they used.

  • number of singles age 20-34
  • places to go (museums, bars, restaurants, movies, parks)
  • diversity

One of the other respondents gave a definite “NO.”

So, I thought about my answer. There are probably two problems with Livability’s metrics used to rank the cities.

  1. There is a bias amongst daters that with a large selection of available people to date, that one should not spend too much time on something that is not producing instant results. A city with too many single people could give the impression that would should keep “playing the field” in hopes of finding something better than focussing on how to make what one has found work.
  2. The presence of a large university means lots of single people in the 20-25 demographic are students. The university also skews female. Older women probably see the same city differently than older men.

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