Work Day

Who sets the work day? The senior-most people make the rules. They tend to be the oldest people at the company.

Science says older people and younger people have different sleep cycles. Older people trend earlier. Younger people trend later. It would be better for younger people to start the day later which they are better able to focus and concentrate. As always that pisses off old farts.

So, as a 40 year old it is amusing to read 45-65 year old faculty members whine about students being lazy for not being awake enough for 8am classes. The observations about students being hungover were the icing on the cake. So of these people were in their late 20s and looked ROUGH at 8am when I was a student and staff member at this university. They were not much better at being there than us back then. And acting as though they had no troubles at all now 20 years later. Or… Forgetful about what it was really like back then in favor of what they recall from this morning.

The funniest is the argument that in the “real world” these students will have to face coming to work at 8am. Well, unless the economy improves, most likely these students will never get to have an 8-5 type job, so maybe not. People who don’t have “real world” jobs advocating what the real world is like? Also, proponents of allowing younger people to start class later in the morning would advocate a later work day too. Smart bosses interested in work-life balance because they appreciate getting the job done the best way could probably get it to work. Only those too stuck in hazing their workers with the bullshit they had to deal with rising up the ranks would continue the practice.


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