The Awkward Guy

Found this amazing description of me from an otherwise lame article in my alma mater’s school paper:

The Awkward Guy

This dude is always the out of place friend in a group of spring breakers and is usually found in his hotel watching television. He has little to no social life and usually taken advantaged of because he is super nice. Due to the awkward guy being a push over, he is usually found surrounded by arrogant guys who boss him around. He doesn’t drink or smoke and most likely has no game with the girls. The awkward guy usually never goes out to party during the school semester.

I never went to the typical Spring Break things. Supercrowded beach locations never seemed like my idea of fun. At the time, MTV had extensive coverage of the relatively close beach where the college kids thronged. Seeing those crowds in high school and college, I knew better than to allow anyone to drag me there. Overpriced hotels + alcohol + being awkward = waste.

During the school semester, I would tag along to a party and designated drive. I was more likely to go if I had run across some girl I liked there. Often enough, I would run across her again to make it worth it. But, yeah, I had no game.



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