Open Access

So, I gave Fiona one of the posts on here. She then went through other posts prompting the opportunity to talk about them. To me this is a great thing.

Blogging is how I lay out my thoughts at the time on things important to me. I will dig up an old post on something to send someone as an explanation for what I thought about a topic. If my thinking has changed, then I will update the post. It is often easier to provide a link to a post than recreate all of that on the fly in my head. Especially when the post has links to other things.

Of course, there are posts I have probably forgotten. Blogging allows me to remove the issue from my mind.

My girlfriend should know about the blogs and use them to gain insight into me. And, of course, be fine with what I write about “us.” My style is not to record the kiss-and-tell kind of stuff. Instead, it is more musings about my headspace about what I feel.


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