American sports fans sometimes riot after winning or losing a championship. They cause one night of terror. It is quaint.

During Euro 2016,

  • Russian and English fans brawled in  the streets BEFORE the first game the tournament.
  • Russian fans lit a flare in the stands after the Slovakia team scored a goal to go ahead.
  • Croatia fans lob 10+ flares onto the field during the game while their own team was winning over the Czech Republic.

There is a major safety and security issue. There are people seriously intent on disruption and violence and hooliganism. This is not new or recent. This kind of thing goes back decades and generations over there.

I have seen the same kind of thing in American high school football where students from the home school wait around to attack the visiting team’s fans or players. Not far from here a coach was even killed in such an incident. But, one does not see the same kind of thing at professional level sporting events.


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