Private Sharing

Plenty of times my blog posts trigger the thought I deem it not worthy of anyone including my reading it.

Most of the time, I publish the blog posts so everyone can see it.

Every once in a while I am torn. I am not at all interested in everyone reading it. However, I want to be able to come back to it. It might be the results of a personality test. Or something that happened a bit too personal for public consumption.

Back in the day, LiveJournal was fantastic for this. I had granular control over who could see a post. I could push it to a group of specific friends.

WordPress not so much.

  • Password Protected show up to the public but require a password to view. This is clunky. People see the title and ask to be able to read it when I don’t want them looking at it. Saying “no” makes me a dick or obviously hiding something.
  • Private posts show up only to administrators or editors. I really do not want to give people even editor level permission to read them.

I guess on my self-hosted site make a WordPress blog that uses the Force Login WP plugin to grant access. That seems cumbersome.

The WP Private Suite plugin tries, but it falls short. “Lets you choose which user roles can read private pages and posts” goes in the right direction. Of course, setting Subscriber to read private means an account with that lowest role could read ANY private posts. Giving it to author means giving away the ability to make posts too.

The WP Private Content Plus plugin looked interesting. It has a Private Page For Users feature that creates a private page for a user. Unfortunately, I want to share posts not pages. I’d have to copy the content from a private post to the page.

I could use Facebook Notes, but I do not want to put this stuff there.


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