I am not a big fan of cooking. In 2010, I tried to fix it by making a New Year’s resolution to cook 20 new things.

  1. There was not any pleasure from it. I mean, the meals were okay. Nothing special.
  2. I was only cooking for myself. So there were way too much in leftovers. Most of those went bad.
  3. Planning, preparing, and clean up were annoying.
  4. I read quite a bit. Getting my meals at a sit-down restaurant allowed me to step away from the TV and computer to focus.

I stopped in April with only about 10 made. The ziti to the right is one of them. The others I managed to photograph are shrimp jambalaya, couscous, and sweet potato fries.

The next year, 2011, I started a food blog where I posted recipies. Why would someone who does not plan on collect recipes? Yeah. I dunno.

Maybe just in case I do make something. When I needed to change my diet, I thought I might cook more. No dice.

Anyway, I finally did cook something: Sloppy Jose Tacos. A local taqueria makes something like this. I looked up a sloppy joe recipe that looked tasty and tweaked it to suit my taste. Let’s see if the girlfriend and her son like it.


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