Cat Thief

Cats usually love me. Like I find it strange when they do not after a few visits.

My family has always had a cat from the time I was born to today. If the current surviving one passes (and she is 20), then I hope Mom will get another.

Many of my friends have cats who love me. A good friend has a blank panther (all muscle, hunter, likes to hang out on tree limbs) who picks me of all humans to sit on other than the ones he lives with. I have never been around a cat where I regularly visited the home and not found a way to win over the residents.

29778061195_b11d7b2912_n_dWell, Fiona’s son has a calico. I think of them as one-owner cats. They have their human and are very loyal to that One. They snub others. Well, we humans were all watching a movie when he put down the cat. She, miffed at him, walked straight over to me and sat down. And stayed there for the next 2 hours. And when I left, she apparently cried after me for a few minutes.

My lap is apparently cat heaven. I generally radiate heat, so cats wanting a warm place find me attractive.


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