Coin Wars

Work raises money for charity over October. A common way they try to do this is via a coin war. Each team has a jar. People put money in it. Coins add to that team’s total. Bills subtract, so put that in the other team’s jar.

The theme this time around is apparently Star Wars. Friday, as I was leaving work, I heard the Star Wars intro. Rounding the corner of the lobby, I saw that the propaganda television was playing it with yellow text on a star field. It took two lines to know this was made by someone at work. So that is all I saw.

It annoyed me then, but I also forgot about it over the weekend. When I returned this morning there it was again. So after lunch, I parked in the the back lot and avoided it all together. Guess I am going to have to park there all month.

It annoys me because:

  • The persistent nagging of these people to participate grates on my nerves. It makes me dislike the people involved. I created an email folder specifically to ignore emails involving this stuff
  • They try to make it cute. They picked Star Wars for the theme. But, they picked the BAD Star Wars. The stuff I try my best to avoid. As a fan who wore 30 days of Star Wars teeshirts, they picked the stuff I cannot support.
  • The winner gets a pizza party. I cannot eat it.
  • Nor would I willingly go to a social event.
  • Also, someone overseeing the losers feels bad for them and gives them a pizza party too. “If everyone is a winner, then no one is a winner.”

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