Firefly Fluxx

via Daily Prompt: Shine

Firefly Fluxx

Played Firefly Fluxx (Shiny!) last night with the Blumenshines. I enjoy Fluxx. Having so many references to a show I can watch over and over and over and over and over and over enhances the experience to me.

That said, it dawned on me that this version of the game is more fun for those us who love the show than not. My first exposure to Fluxx was the Adventure Time Fluxx one. I know of the show and have watched parts of some episodes. But, I was only impressed with the game mechanics. I got Star Fluxx because it seemed more up my alley. The right kind of allusions with the mechanics

Interestingly enough, Board Game Geek rates it the highest of the games. I wonder if this is because the cards are powerful aka scarier?

I also want these:



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