Shoot First?

Jango Fett by Bryan Ledgard

A couple inmates killed their correctional officers while being transported to another prison. They went on the run for a few days. The reward for information on these guys was ever increasing. It captured people’s attention at $60,000 and ultimately got as high as $130,000.

The male gun fanboys I know started expressing a sudden desire to become bounty hunters and track down these violent criminals. The most extreme comment on a post hoping it would get to $200,000: “Cant get shot if you shoot first. Dead or alive they say.” [1] Um… no. The reward is “for information leading to the arrest of DUBOSE and ROWE.” The GBI and FBI were not asking for people to hunt them down and kill them, just alert law enforcement to their location so they can arrest them.

In the end, the escapees broke into a home and tied up the couple. Shortly after driving off in the couple’s vehicle, the couple called 9-1-1. The sheriff was alerted that since Rowe was from a nearby county, everyone was on the lookout for them. The escapees shot at law enforcement during the chase. They crashed that car and fled on foot where in trying to steal another vehicle, the homeowner held them at gunpoint until the law enforcement could get there to arrest them.

[1] You can get shot if you shoot first.

  1. If you miss, then you have alerted the person you are shooting at about your intent and give them an opportunity to return fire.
  2. If you hit, but fail to kill or maim enough, then the person you are shooting at can return fire.

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