Black cosplay vs whiteface

Saw a black man who did a pretty good Thor cosplay. It reminded me about fans getting upset about Heimdall being played by Idris Elba since a Scandinavian deity should not be played by a black actor. (Nevermind that Thor, Odin, Loki, and others were played by Brits not Scandinavians.)

Occasionally, I will see people griping about black cosplayers “taking” white characters. As though, because the character was originally white, it should never ever be played by someone who isn’t. Marvel faced backlashes when Miles Morales got to be Spiderman as Miles wasn’t white. Or when Falcon took over as Captain America when Steve Rogers abandoned the identity.

But, can you imagine how they would lose their minds if a black cosplayer painted their face white to as part of their costume?

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