When I was looking at buying a house, I had found something that on paper matched what I sought. So I drove by it to take a look. The place was out in a more rural area. The Confederate flags flown by somewhat nearby homes compelled me to take it off the list.

I had to think about it. Would anyone in the neighborhood attack me? Probably not. Would anyone vandalize my home? Probably not. Would I seriously take the risk of being wrong? Probably not.

This was a long time ago. But something just triggered the thought that a great service might be to mark on realty web sites and/or Google Maps locations who display symbols associated with white supremacists. Like, I can go on a web site and pull up a listing of homes with a sexual offender. This is so people can feel safer by knowing potential predators in the neighborhood. The flag map would identify places that mark themselves as supporting ideologies that might make me wary.

Probably there would be a list of symbols to check/uncheck. Like maybe you think people who fly the Confederate flag outside believe in heritage. So you might exclude them while keeping on the list those who fly the Aryan flag.

Certainly it would not be perfect. People who hold the ideologies but do not fly a symbol would be overlooked. But, maybe people who fly the symbol are perhaps more committed than someone who does not.


In reading The Girl On The Train, the therapist claims the patient was experiencing this. A medical dictionary describes it as:

in psychiatry, the unconscious tendency of a patient to assign to others in the present environment feelings and attitudes associated with significant persons in one’s earlier life; especially, the patient’s transfer to the therapist of feelings and attitudes associated with a parent or similar person from childhood. The feelings may be affectionate (positive transference),hostile (negative transference), or ambivalent. Sometimes the transference can be interpreted to help the patient understand childhood attitudes.

Typically I see it used in a context of person 1 behaving as angry with person 2 when person 3 is the individual who harmed 1. In the book, the therapist tells the patient that transference is responsible for her feelings towards him. In context, the patient feels this way for the therapist because she is really in love with her husband. But she is not.

Not sure if the author meant it as the therapist being blind to the patient’s feelings. But I am well past that point and still bothered by it.

Coin Wars

Work raises money for charity over October. A common way they try to do this is via a coin war. Each team has a jar. People put money in it. Coins add to that team’s total. Bills subtract, so put that in the other team’s jar.

The theme this time around is apparently Star Wars. Friday, as I was leaving work, I heard the Star Wars intro. Rounding the corner of the lobby, I saw that the propaganda television was playing it with yellow text on a star field. It took two lines to know this was made by someone at work. So that is all I saw.

It annoyed me then, but I also forgot about it over the weekend. When I returned this morning there it was again. So after lunch, I parked in the the back lot and avoided it all together. Guess I am going to have to park there all month.

It annoys me because:

  • The persistent nagging of these people to participate grates on my nerves. It makes me dislike the people involved. I created an email folder specifically to ignore emails involving this stuff
  • They try to make it cute. They picked Star Wars for the theme. But, they picked the BAD Star Wars. The stuff I try my best to avoid. As a fan who wore 30 days of Star Wars teeshirts, they picked the stuff I cannot support.
  • The winner gets a pizza party. I cannot eat it.
  • Nor would I willingly go to a social event.
  • Also, someone overseeing the losers feels bad for them and gives them a pizza party too. “If everyone is a winner, then no one is a winner.”

Cat Thief

Cats usually love me. Like I find it strange when they do not after a few visits.

My family has always had a cat from the time I was born to today. If the current surviving one passes (and she is 20), then I hope Mom will get another.

Many of my friends have cats who love me. A good friend has a blank panther (all muscle, hunter, likes to hang out on tree limbs) who picks me of all humans to sit on other than the ones he lives with. I have never been around a cat where I regularly visited the home and not found a way to win over the residents.

29778061195_b11d7b2912_n_dWell, Fiona’s son has a calico. I think of them as one-owner cats. They have their human and are very loyal to that One. They snub others. Well, we humans were all watching a movie when he put down the cat. She, miffed at him, walked straight over to me and sat down. And stayed there for the next 2 hours. And when I left, she apparently cried after me for a few minutes.

My lap is apparently cat heaven. I generally radiate heat, so cats wanting a warm place find me attractive.

First Aid

Got a scrape on my foot. My girlfriend noticed and went into “Mom” mode. Of course, we were at her home, so she knew where to find the band-aid, peroxide, etc. At home alone, I’d have done that.

Kind of curious if she would try to go into “Mom” mode at my place?

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The phrase should be used to indicate that what I have just read is incomplete. That by clicking the link, additional information will be revealed.

Instead, in a handful of recent cases I have clicked on it to get to the exact same information. There was no “more” just the same. They probably meant: read the original version.

The few causing me frustration appeared on blog sites who just repost other stuff. Maybe their tools were designed to reshare an excerpt instead of all 6,000 words? Incorrect use of them is why they indicate the wrong thing.


Trying To Pass

This is from Mat Johnson’s interview on Fresh Air about Loving Day.

But, yeah, I mean, there’s points now – I mean, I don’t actively try to pass, but I know my privilege. You know, all this stuff, like, me, like, dealing with the issues I had of looking the way I did, I mean, they’re nothing compared to issues that many African-Americans have to deal with in this country. You know, I got pulled over by the cops on the way to this interview (laughter) today… Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, it was completely my fault (laughter). I mean, I didn’t update my tags on my car. It was no biggie. It was no – no drunken, you know, car chase, but it was still, you know – it’s always scary, you know? And when that cop came to the window, I did my best Caucasian, you know? My grammar was perfect. I did everything I could in that moment to be nonthreatening. And I know part of that is not, you know, having him perceive me as black ’cause I know that can end up getting me killed. It can, so I have to…

This reminded me of trying to pass for black in west Texas returning from Arizona to not get shipped to Mexico.

But, I do “my best Caucasian” when a police officer stops me. These are tense, careful moments. Pre-9/11, I only had to deal with Driving While Black, basically stops for no reason. In the few years after 9/11, I also had to deal with Driving While Middle Eastern. I got a couple warnings over broken brake lights, which are fine. I had two cars where a plastic piece sheared making the brake lights not light up three times. But, I also got three stops for no reason. The officer just wanted a closer look and decided there was nothing of interest and cut me loose.

As I got older, these happened less frequently. Since moving to a college town, I have not gotten stopped for no reason. They have always been for something I actually did.

I should use my best African or Caucasian for airline agents so as to not get selected for the extra TSA check.

Product Name Changes

This is my probably bad impression, but..

If a product is great, then its “brand” is strong. The makers keep the name because they want word of mouth to enable people to be able to find the product.

If a product sucks, then its “brand” is either weak or negative. The makers change the name because they want to disassociate the improved version from the bad one.

Looking for support with a product and noticed there is a new name for the upcoming version. But… It changed its name with the last version. So now I wonder whether we want to be associated with it anymore. Obviously the product has major problems to the point the vendor is trying to confuse us hide its past.


I am not a big fan of cooking. In 2010, I tried to fix it by making a New Year’s resolution to cook 20 new things.

  1. There was not any pleasure from it. I mean, the meals were okay. Nothing special.
  2. I was only cooking for myself. So there were way too much in leftovers. Most of those went bad.
  3. Planning, preparing, and clean up were annoying.
  4. I read quite a bit. Getting my meals at a sit-down restaurant allowed me to step away from the TV and computer to focus.

I stopped in April with only about 10 made. The ziti to the right is one of them. The others I managed to photograph are shrimp jambalaya, couscous, and sweet potato fries.

The next year, 2011, I started a food blog where I posted recipies. Why would someone who does not plan on collect recipes? Yeah. I dunno.

Maybe just in case I do make something. When I needed to change my diet, I thought I might cook more. No dice.

Anyway, I finally did cook something: Sloppy Jose Tacos. A local taqueria makes something like this. I looked up a sloppy joe recipe that looked tasty and tweaked it to suit my taste. Let’s see if the girlfriend and her son like it.

Private Sharing

Plenty of times my blog posts trigger the thought I deem it not worthy of anyone including my reading it.

Most of the time, I publish the blog posts so everyone can see it.

Every once in a while I am torn. I am not at all interested in everyone reading it. However, I want to be able to come back to it. It might be the results of a personality test. Or something that happened a bit too personal for public consumption.

Back in the day, LiveJournal was fantastic for this. I had granular control over who could see a post. I could push it to a group of specific friends.

WordPress not so much.

  • Password Protected show up to the public but require a password to view. This is clunky. People see the title and ask to be able to read it when I don’t want them looking at it. Saying “no” makes me a dick or obviously hiding something.
  • Private posts show up only to administrators or editors. I really do not want to give people even editor level permission to read them.

I guess on my self-hosted site make a WordPress blog that uses the Force Login WP plugin to grant access. That seems cumbersome.

The WP Private Suite plugin tries, but it falls short. “Lets you choose which user roles can read private pages and posts” goes in the right direction. Of course, setting Subscriber to read private means an account with that lowest role could read ANY private posts. Giving it to author means giving away the ability to make posts too.

The WP Private Content Plus plugin looked interesting. It has a Private Page For Users feature that creates a private page for a user. Unfortunately, I want to share posts not pages. I’d have to copy the content from a private post to the page.

I could use Facebook Notes, but I do not want to put this stuff there.