A perfect date




My Geek Hoarder aesthetic puts me in love with gadgets, but I also tend not to throw anything away.

  • If I am not sure what it is? Keep it. Eventually I will remember and feel disappointed in not having it later.
  • Have I not used it recently? Keep it. One has tools so one can do things and not have to go acquire them anytime one needs them. My idea of a tool includes what others might deem a toy.
  • If I like the one, then I should get 2-5 more”just in case” the first one breaks or in the case of battery packs, I cannot get to a wall or car outlet.

The Guild: I’m the One That’s Cool

I watched every new episode of The Guild within a few hours of them dropping for season one. Somehow the DVDs derailed me. I bought seasons 1-3 to support the project. Geek & Sundry is the new overarching brand for Felicia Day’s projects, I guess? Guess I need to spend this weekend watching season 4 so I can keep up with season 5.

But yeah, this was my life.

P.S. This WP.com “Post a Video” on New Post is way better than the regular WordPress way.