Breaking Stereotypes

A friend posted on Facebook about the difference between men and women is men cannot decorate.

After moving to a bigger place, I had a housewarming. A female friend asked if she needed to take me furniture shopping. No, I can handle it. I bought my all the furniture I have on my own and can deal with the future needs too. After buying a dining table, a different friend asked if my girlfriend helped me pick it out. Again, I did it all on my own.

2016-06-01 09.58.55
The new table

All the photographs hung in the sunroom are my own artistic work including the frames. I chose the theme of those photos to be around nature to go with the view of the back yard. The Hokusai and oriental art in the library combined my two loves.

The color schemes came with the house, but I am mostly happy enough with them and have been able to work my own art into them. The┬áthemes for the various rooms are my own choices. I think the approach to decorating one’s place is all about creativity and expression. With a roommate I basically restricted my decorations to my own room. With my own places I branched out much further.

I have a long way to go before my full vision is realized.

And apparently I need to take more photos with my girlfriend.