June 15th – Nature Photography Day

For Nature Photography Day

Nature Photography Day is observed annually on June 15th. It’s a day to view the world with your camera and maybe even advance the cause of conservation. From the event page:

NANPA again challenges its members to take nature photographs on June 15 and upload *one* for publication in the July/August issue of Ripples , our bi-monthly newsletter. This is not a contest. All photos will be published and there is no cost for submission. Photos for submission MUST be taken on June 15th, within walking distance of wherever you are on that day. Full details can be found on the Nature Photography Day Event Page.

Site: NANPA Celebrates the 7th Annual Nature Photography Day

Years ago, back when Flickr was the place for photography, I started a group for this event: June 15th – Nature Photography Day.

Home Again

Nannie and Her Bear Had a great visit with family over the past week. I really do love my family. I ought to visit more often. After all, the point of not moving too far away was to make it EASIER to visit. Maybe I do live too far away?

The extended family is all over the world and visits my grandmother much less than I do. I could call, email, or chat through Facebook more. 🙂