I bought a paperback set of A Song of Ice and Fire to loan out to friends who ask to borrow it. My first edition hardcovers are my babies. I could not just hand them over to just anyone. One of them was pre-ordered for over a year.

So while one friend has my copy of A Game of Thrones another asked to borrow it. I explained it is loaned out. The other day I ran into the one who has it and learned has not gotten past page 25 while working long hours and reading Jane Eyre. Explained to the other friend the situation and regretted it. So I brought her my hardcover to borrow.

The first thing she did was look inside and realize it is a first edition. It shocked her. She promised to take care of it.



Socially Exhausted

Waiting for four hours:

  • A toddler banged on a glass partition from the other side. I tapped back. This went on for half an hour in fits and spurts as toddlers do. He and his parents were quite entertained.
  • A woman sat next to me. We spent half an hour talking. Pretty much random things. One of those things where two people connect. If this were a movie, then I would have asked her out and in a couple weeks be married. Instead, she came back over just before leaving to shake my hand and say it was nice me meet me.
  • A girl showed up wearing a shirt I also own. (Shirt Woot’s Minor Modification) Asked if she also found people miss the scissors at the bottom.

Lunch for three hours:

  • Invitation to movies and after party.

Went home and napped for a couple hours. And just couldn’t.

Waiting For Something…

Service indicators came on for the car last Sunday. I thought about taking it in every morning before work, but I kept delaying. Since today is a Saturday I had nothing better to do, so I took it in to get it serviced. I knew it would be over an hour and suspected there was something I delayed from the prior time about six months ago. That turned out to be the brake pads need to be replaced. Also, I apparently had a bad engine mount that was responsible for the rough idling. They probably should not have told me about that as I was starting to think maybe I should trade it in and get something newer, but now it sounds like I could easily drive it for a few more years.

So anyway, at about 11am this woman says, “Excuse me. May I sit here?” I consented and shifted. I apologized for blocking the chair. She explained I wasn’t really, but she did not want to sit down and creepily look over at my phone. I was reading an article about how Aaron MacGruder, creator of the Boondocks, was not involved with season 4 coming soon. I asked if she was a fan. She admitted to watching seasons 1 and 2 but missed 3. Of course, I found season 3 Meh, so that probably was for the best.

It went on.

Excerpt: How to design a scientifically perfect date

How to design a scientifically perfect date:

A good way to actually get to know someone and find out intimate things about them is to play a game or get a book that gives you interesting questions to ask each other. That way, you can really get to know someone without awkwardly trying to work this stuff into a conversation.

Ariely and his colleagues ran an experiment in which they gave dating subjects a list of 20 questions and instructed the subjects to only ask questions from that list. “Everybody benefited more from those questions,” said Ariely. The question-askers got answers that they cared about, and the question-answerers found the discussion much more interesting.

So next time you’re on a date, try asking something along the lines of “What’s your largest goal right now?” or “What were you like as a child?”

Setup To Fail

Occasionally, I do something to put myself in the position of going on a date. The idea is I just need a little nudge. So, I try things to nudge myself. They never work. The latest case is a screening for Knights of Badassdom needed enough tickets for the event to really happen. I could have just bought a ticket for myself, but I bought two thinking I could ask a pretty girl to go with me.

The screening is in 18 days, so I guess I still have time. My money, though, is I do not actually ask anyone.