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Annoy me. I love code. I got into working on web sites because of code. When HTML started to bore me, I was fortunate to need to learn JavaScript, Perl, CSS, PHP, XML, and another coding languages.

I get it. There are people who are scared of code.

Those people underestimate themselves. I’ve taught scared kids how to work with WYSIWYG and HTML and CSS for their first jobs. And WordPress is easy enough and cheaper.


Private Post In New WP Editor?

I created a post I wanted to make private in the new WordPress.com editor. After giving up figuring it out, I went over to the WP Admin, found the draft, and Privately Published it that way.

At the top of the post it says,

There’s now an easier way to create on WordPress.com! Switch to the improved posting experience.

So… There must be something I am missing.

UPDATE: Found it. Top right in near invisible gray with the trash button.

WP Comment Manager

The User Experience for WordPress.com frustrates me. In the top right corner is my name which drops down a list of things like the “Comments I’ve Made”. In the top left corner is a WordPress icon which drops down a list of actions to read blogs.

Reading the replies to my comments should be part of the blog reading process. Completely separate places means I forget to read the comments. So months can go by before I remember to read them. Ugh.

Address-wise, I understand. The “Comments I’ve Made” address is a WordPress admin page for the first blog I made here: /wp-admin/index.php?page=my-comments. The “Read Blogs” is a base address: /read/. UX-wise, I really would like same near same.